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Konstantinos Papaspyropoulos

Associate Professor of Forest Economics and Innovation
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh)
Thessaloniki 541 24


Picture of  Konstantinos Papaspyropoulos


Konstantinos Papaspyropoulos is an Associate Professor of Forest Economics and Innovation in the School of Forestry and Natural Environment of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), Greece. He holds a PhD in Environmental Cost Accounting, an MSc in Statistics and Modeling, and an additional MSc in Planning and Development of Natural Resources.  He has created and teaches the unique in Greece lesson “Sustainability Management Accounting and Reporting”  in AUTh's master programme “Natural Resources: Monitoring, Technology and Bioeconomy”. He teaches, also, lessons related to Economics of Natural Resources, Economics of Forest Organization, and Bioeconomy and Innovation at the undergraduate and post-graduate level. He has undertaken the organization of the 27th EMAN Conference that will take place in Thessaloniki in 2023 (May 31st-June 2nd) entitled "Sustainability Management Accounting and Reporting for enhancing bioeconomic practices within organizations”.


Konstantinos Papaspyropoulos has worked on issues related to Environmental Management Accounting (EMA) with forestry (forest sector organizations, forest management, wildlife management etc). During his PhD he examined the effectiveness of using Environmental Management Accounting tools, such as Environmental and Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) in a forest non profit organization. He applied and was funded for research on the sustainability reporting of the Public Forest Sector in Greece, and for examining the use of MFCA in the forest management and for enhancing Bio-energy. Nowadays he works with EMA tools for Bioeconomy and Circular Economy.

Selected publications

  • Papaspyropoulos K.G., Blioumis V., Christodoulou A.S., Birtsas P.K., Skordas K.E., 2012. Challenges in implementing environmental management accounting tools: the case of a non-profit forestry organization. Journal of Cleaner Production, 29-30: 132-143. 

  • Sokos, C., Birtsas, P., Papaspyropoulos, K. G., Giannakopoulos, A., Athanasiou, L. V., Manolakou, K., ... & Billinis, C., 2015. Conservation considerations for a management measure: an integrated approach to hare rearing and release. Environmental management, 55(1), 19-30.

  • Papaspyropoulos, K.G., Karamanolis, D., Sokos, C. K., & Birtsas, P. K. (2016). Enhancing Sustainability in Forestry Using Material Flow Cost Accounting. Open Journal of Forestry, 6(05), 324.

  • Papaspyropoulos, K.G., & Karamanolis, D. (2016). Drivers and Barriers of Sustainability Reporting in the Greek Public Forest Service. Open Journal of Accounting, 5(03), 35.

  • Papaspyropoulos, K.G., Karamanolis, D., 2018. New trends in Forest Economics: the case of Material Flow Cost Accounting. Geotechnical Scientific Issues, VI, 27(1), 47-56. 

  • Stathi E & Papaspyropoulos KG, 2021. Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability Reporting and Forest Fires: Evidence from the 2018 Megafires. 7th International Conference on Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment. 26-27 November 2021.

  • Naxaki Α & Papaspyropoulos KG, 2021. Extinction accounting: a new framework for corporate reporting for the endangered bird species. Proceedings of the 20th Pan-hellenic Forestry Conference, 274-281.

  • Stathi E & Papaspyropoulos KG, 2021. On the relationship among corporate philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and COVID-19: evidence from the virus’ first wave in Greece. 6th International Conference on Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment, 83-91.

  • Naxaki A & Papaspyropoulos KG, 2021. Biodiversity Reporting: A Literature Review. 6th International Conference on Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment, 100-108.

  • Danatskos Ch & Papaspyropoulos KG, 2021. The challenges of using Material Flow Cost Accounting in the Fish-farming sector. 6th International Conference on Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment, 109-117.

  • Michailidis, Ch., Papaspyropoulos, K.G., 2019. Natural capital and Biodiversity reporting and accounting practices by Greek companies. Proceedings of the 23rd EMAN Conference focused on Biodiversity and Natural Capital Accounting.   

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