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Karen Maas (Chairwoman)

PhD in Economics
Academic Director of Impact Centre Erasmus (ICE)
Program Director of Executive CSR program

Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Picture of Karen Maas


Karen Maas holds a PhD in Economics (Corporate Social Performance: from output measurement to impact measurement). She is academic director of Impact Centre Erasmus (ICE) and Program Director of the Executive CSR program. Karen conducts research in the field of Impact measurement, Sustainability/CSR, and Impact Investing. She is an expert in mixed methods approaches and learning impact evaluations for strategy development. Karen worked with several for-profit, non-profit and financial organizations to measure their impact. She is the lead researcher from Erasmus in the longitudinal PRIME learning evaluation for CBI and PUM. Her work has been published in different international journals, newspapers and online sources. Karen is a board member of the International Association for Business and Society (IABS). She also holds several board memberships at Dutch organizations and (multi)-national firms.


Selected publications

  • Maas, K.E.H., Schaltegger, S. & Crutzen, N. (2016). Advancing the integration of sustainability measurement, management and reporting. Journal of Cleaner Production, 133, 859-862. doi:

  • Rey-Garcia, M., Liket, K.C., Ignacio-Alvarez, L. & Maas, K.E.H. (2016). Back to Basics: Revisiting the Relevance of Beneficiaries for Evaluation and Accountability in Non-Profits. Nonprofit Management and Leadership. doi: Accepted

  • Hartmann, F.G.H., Maas, K.E.H. & Perego, P.M. (2016). Corporate Social Responsibility and Controllers (original title: Den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht sehen: Controller auf der Suche nach Nachhaltigkeit). In E. Günther & K.-H. Steinke (Eds.), CSR und Controlling. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag. DOI 10.1007/978-3-662-47702-1_5

  • Maas, K.E.H. (2016). Do Corporate Social Performance Targets in Executive Compensation Contribute to Corporate Social Performance? Journal of Business Ethics, Accepted. doi:

  • Maas, K.E.H., Perego, P.M. & Kim, S (2016). The Effect of Publication, Format, and Content of Integrated Reports on Analysts’ Earnings Forecasts. In Handbook of Finance and Sustainability. ACCEPTED: Edwar Elgar.

  • Toxopeus, H.S., Liket, K.C. & Maas, K.E.H. (2016). Innovating for Impact Investing: Financial Institutions and Beyond. In Impact Investing: a worldwide revolution. Principles, practices, perspectives. Greenleaf Publishing Ltd..

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  • Maas, K.E.H. (2009). Corporate social performance: from output measurement to impact measurement. Erasmus University Rotterdam (197 pag.) (Rotterdam: Erasmus Research Institute of Management (PhD Serie 182)). Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. H.R. Commandeur.

  • Krozer, J., Maas, K.E.H. & Kothuis, B. (2003). Demonstration of Environmentally Sound and Cost-effective shipping. Journal of Cleaner Production, 11 (7), 767-777.

Her research focuses on the use of management accounting and control systems to strategically support and implement CSR. Some relevant topics are accounting for strategic CSR, impact measurement and the use of CSP targets in remuneration schemes. Her research has been published in, among other outlets, Business & Society and Journal of Business Ethics, American Journal of Evaluation, Business Strategy and the Environment, Journal of Cleaner Production. Current research interests are impact investment, the impact of shareholder activism and engagement on CSR strategy and CEO narcissism and management accounting practices.

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